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DataMiner for terrestrial networks

DataMiner, the leading network management solution, has been specifically designed for terrestrial networks and offers professional solutions for real-time interfacing, trending, reporting, alarm correlation, email and SMS notification, automation, automated spectrum analysis, service-oriented management, confidence monitoring, etc. In this market section DataMiner® has a proven track record involving various leading companies. Click here to see a list of our references.

all the features you need to manage the largest terrestrial transmission infrastructures

Because of the high degree of geographical distribution of network assets, a solid and professional network management solution is indispensable for operators of a terrestrial network. This is especially true when considering the high stakes involved with a digital switchover. Selecting the right solution can significantly reduce the operational expenses. DataMiner provides all the features you need to manage the largest terrestrial transmission infrastructures, without any compromises. Because of its unique distributed architecture, DataMiner offers terrestrial network operators the much needed scalability combined with maximum availability. As each site can be fitted with an intelligent agent that features all the functionality of a DataMiner System, each site can operate fully autonomously, including high-end intelligent applications such as automation and correlation (e.g. to manage redundancy).

onsite interventions reduced to a strict minimum

At the same time, a central operator can get an intuitive, consolidated overview of the entire network, via the MS Visio®-compatible bubble-up & drill-down topological UI. As DataMiner runs on industry-standard hardware that includes high-availability proven embedded platforms, you can rest assured that expensive onsite interventions are reduced to a strict minimum. In addition, DataMiner provides various standardized remote interfacing capabilities, enabling field engineers to also benefit to the maximum extent from this investment.

This includes two-way interaction between engineers and the system using standard SMS text messages on regular cell phones, and special tailored mobile applications for mobile phones and tablets. Aside from that, DataMiner features a wealth of other features such as comprehensive statistical reporting via web and email, intelligent alarm correlation, real-time SLA management, and much more.

Key Facts

view your entire broadcast chain from one consolidated UI across all vendor boundaries

optimize the use of available system resources

save time and expenses by automating system reconfigurations

Your Benefits

eliminate outages and service quality degradations

keep a close eye on the actual business performance with real-time SLA monitoring

enable operators to manage their environment without being confronted with the underlying complexity

Manage nationwide terrestrial transmission networks end to end