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Telenet case study summary

Over the course of several years now, Telenet has continuously been deploying the DataMiner® end-to-end multi-vendor network management software technology, gradually replacing legacy and vendor-specific management solutions in a well-considered strategic move towards a next-generation fully consolidated network management of its state-of-the-art HFC broadband activities.

Today, Telenet uses DataMiner for the management of a wide variety of key systems in its vast and complex HFC ecosystem, including for example its interactive digital TV headend, the disaster recovery headend, the core IP network, all contribution links to local broadcasters, its OB vans for live sports events, all systems in 48 regional headends across the country, the entire HFC outdoor plant including for example 1600 optical nodes and UPS’s, over 4 million set-top boxes for which DataMiner calculates over half a billion key performance indicators around the clock, more than 1000 business customers across more than 15,500 sites via more than 25,000 data lines, and much more.

With over 200 different drivers interfacing DataMiner with a variety of devices from a wide range of different vendors, this represents by far the most comprehensive, most versatile and most successful end-to-end multi-vendor network management integration based on a single software technology ever accomplished in the industry so far.

This case study discusses some select highlights of this unique implementation to illustrate the unique power of DataMiner. And in particular it also highlights the factual impact of this new generation of powerful end-to-end multi-vendor network management technology on the business of an operator such as Telenet. This includes for example the elimination of a staggering 20,000 truck rollouts per year, and a reduction of the time between incidents occurring and a trouble ticket being generated from over 18 minutes to 1 minute consistently. This has in resulted in a significant reduction of operational expenses, and above all, an invaluable increase of the overall quality of service and end-user experience.

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DataMiner: one platform, from signal reception to signal delivery