Spectrum Analysis

DataMiner® Spectrum Analysis is a powerful plug-in for the DataMiner System (also available as a standalone application), enabling fully automated 24/7 RF signal monitoring and remote real-time interaction with any spectrum analyzer devices, via a standard web browser interface.

integrate any spectrum analyzer from any vendor

DataMiner Spectrum Analysis is one of the most comprehensive solutions for RF performance monitoring. The solution allows operators to integrate any spectrum analyzer from any vendor, and to deploy it for around-the-clock RF performance monitoring. The DataMiner Spectrum Analysis solution can be deployed in a wide variety of applications, including forward and return path monitoring in HFC broadband networks, RF performance monitoring in broadcast systems, RF carrier monitoring of satellite uplinks and downlinks, etc.

Because DataMiner unconditionally integrates any spectrum analyzer, operators can leverage existing analyzers, and expand further with equipment that suits their application and their specific requirements in terms of technical features and cost. Any spectrum analyzer can also be combined with any third-party RF switch, so that a single analyzer can be deployed for performance monitoring on various test points in the operational system.

real-time remote interfacing

DataMiner Spectrum Analysis provides real-time remote interfacing via its web UI. Not only can operators now perform RF measurements remotely, but a single spectrum analyzer can also be shared by multiple concurrent users, each with their own settings and preferences without any constraints or conflicts. This feature of DataMiner Spectrum Analysis significantly improves the ROI on measurement equipment by optimizing its use throughout the corporation. The real-time spectrum analysis UI is uniform across any spectrum analyzer from any vendor, and offers a plethora of features for the operator.

performance monitoring

DataMiner Spectrum Analysis also offers around-the-clock performance monitoring. With extensive but highly intuitive scripting capabilities, operators can automate just about every measurement. With these automated RF performance measurements, operators can track any vital RF parameters (such as Eb/No, carrier levels, C/N, carrier power, average power, etc. ) and generate alarms whenever one of those goes out of range. Operators can also perform long-term trend analysis on those parameters to identify emerging RF problems before they affect services.

Key Facts

integrate any third-party spectrum analyzer

real-time multi-user interaction

automated performance monitoring

Your Benefits

accessed and used by an unlimited number of users simultaneously

continuous round-the-clock supervision of your RF signals

can be diagnosed at any time

Fully automated 24/7 RF signal monitoring and remote real-time interaction with any spectrum analyzer devices