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Panel Sessions

Our Skyline subject matter experts regularly participate in panel sessions at all the main events of the industry. They cover a wide range of topics, providing more in-dept insight into the many different features of DataMiner. Discover here what we have on offer.


Sky Sport Summit, June 27, 3 PM – 3:45 PM

Digital transformation – the technology and the business decision behind it

At Sky Sport Summit 2019, Thomas will be participating in a panel session in which the importance of digital transformation will be discussed. He’ll share his insights on the evolutions in the industry with other representatives from leading companies.

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Satellites, Teleports and Big Data

Panel discussion about the big data revolution and its impact on the connection between the highway and the skyway. The opportunities and business challenges for teleport and satellite operators are discussed, and the panel members also focus on ways to obtain a meaningful share of a high-growth market.


Artificial Intelligence for Media Production

Panel discussion with industry representatives from leading companies (Adobe, EVS, Swiss TXT, etc.) about the way AI revolutionizes media production. The session focuses on the benefits as well as the challenges of AI, with particular attention to future developments.


IABM Future Zone Theather

IABM’s Lead Research Analyst, Lorenzo Zanni, quizzes a panel of cloud experts on future developments in cloud services.


Shaking up the value chain

Panel discussions about the rapidly evolving value chain of getting content from the producer to the end consumer.