Net insight nimbra network manager

The DataMiner® Net Insight Nimbra Network Manager Application allows operators to deploy a full-fledged professional management solution for Nimbra MRS networks, and to manage Nimbra devices, trunk modules and services more easily and efficiently than ever before.

take your operation to a new level

While the solution offers out-of-the-box specific capabilities tailored for Net Insight Nimbra products, it comes fully embedded into the renowned DataMiner end-to-end network management environment. This results in unrivaled capabilities for end-to-end device and service management, across all vendor and technology boundaries. The DataMiner Net Insight Nimbra Network Manager app takes the management of media-rich transport solutions to an entirely new level.

unlock advanced applications

The DataMiner Net Insight Nimbra Network Manager app includes fully automated management of ad-hoc services (including third-party devices), seamless integrations with third-party scheduling applications, easy deployment of online self-care customer portals, integration with trouble ticket applications, open architecture automation supporting traffic engineering, cross-vendor service provisioning, redundancy protection, and much more.


features & capabilities

integrated with the entire Net Insight product family

auto-discovery of all deployed Nimbra products

consolidated management of your entire Nimbra network

intuitive and fully user-definable user interface

auto-populated topology maps

professional remote monitoring and control

user-definable drag ‘n drop control panels

professional fault and performance monitoring

user-definable redundancy protection

end-to-end service monitoring and provisioning

automated setup of ad-hoc services on the fly

personalized notifications

optional Google Maps overlay

extensible with any third-party products

granular LDAP compatible security with detailed audit trailing

powerful cross-vendor correlation and automation

inventory and asset management

user-definable reporting and KPI dashboards

remote access via one professional app on any smartphone or tablet

real-time service SLA monitoring & reporting

southbound integration with scheduling, ticketing, online customer portals, etc.

and much more...