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DataMiner for IPTV operators

Network management of IPTV environments brings along a new set of requirements and challenges. DataMiner is the leading multi-vendor network management solution that offers IPTV operators the navigation system to guide their operation during the crucial deployment and operation phases. In this market section, DataMiner® has a proven track record involving various leading companies. Click here to see a list of our references.

manage any device or system in your operational environment

With its unique distributed architecture and its broadband and satellite legacy, DataMiner offers IPTV operators a unique opportunity to deploy the ultimate platform to manage their technical infrastructure from content acquisition to content delivery. DataMiner enables you to manage any device or system in your operational environment, regardless of the vendor or interface, and to create a true end-to-end perspective. DataMiner also enables integration of any test and measurement solutions. This results in automated registration and management of the service quality and availability.

Key Facts

manage your entire IPTV ecosystem end to end, including signal acquisition, master headend, backbone, regional distribution, etc.

integrate any test and measurement probes for continuous around-the-clock performance monitoring and QoS assessment

enjoy a single consolidated, powerful UI with end-to-end visibility on your entire operation, which is accessible from any location

benefit from state-of-the-art software to enhance your operation with automated and managed procedures (e.g. failover, disaster recovery, restore, test & check procedures, etc.) across all vendor and domain boundaries

take advantage of a wealth of features for alarming, trending, reporting, correlation, notification, etc.

use standard interfacing with third-party north bound OSS components

Your Benefits

improve the reliability & uptime

improve QoS and QoE

reduce operational cost

reduce mean-time-to-repair

reduce customer churn

optimize the use of human resources

increase Subject Matter Expert usage

re-activate dormant system resources

enforce operational procedures

eliminate recurring software CAPEX

reduce the need for training

deploy faster

and much more

Manage your IPTV operation end to end from content acquisition to content delivery