The infrastructure layer

DataMiner, as a single consolidated end-to-end network management platform, provides unprecedented visibility on your operation from a device, service and business perspective. The infrastructure management foundation layer enables you to fully monitor and control any product from any vendor, irrespective of the interface or protocol required.

your entire operational ecosystem in one single platform

DataMiner® integrates your entire operational ecosystem in one single platform—across all vendor boundaries, and across all possible domains. This includes, but is not limited to, satellite backhaul, earth stations, regional and master headends, analog infrastructure and digital platforms, playout centers, master control rooms, server farms, data centers, analog and digital transmitter sites, TCP/IP switches and routers, TCP/IP network connectivity, electrical infrastructure, air conditioning, security platforms, back office, set-top box environment, etc.

Dataminer, integrated with over 5500 devices and systems, is the most efficient and comprehensive solution available

Key Facts

guaranteed to unconditionally integrate with any device from any vendor

already integrated with more than 5500 products from more than 600 different vendors

open driver architecture that enables anyone to make and deploy new integrations

provides real-time remote access and control of any device from any vendor

allows unlimited web-based access from the office, your home or any other place

provides personalized notifications via email triggered by user-defined events

includes professional security that supports domain integration, role-based configuration, resource access management and real-time audit trailing

offers intelligent alarming that features hysteresis, absolute and relative thresholds, user-defined color coding and more

includes alarm management via a user-centric alarm console featuring sorting, smart filtering, masking & acknowledging, user customization, exporting, etc.

a user-definable, bubble-up and drill-down tree structure for intuitive navigation in your operational environment, including a smart search tool

a hierarchical dynamic bubble-up and drill-down topological mimic display compatible with MS Visio®

features short- and long-term intelligent trending, with powerful analysis UI that features export, automatic statistical analysis, and more

integrated document management with numerous advanced features

allows northbound interfacing for third-party SNMP Managers, trouble ticket applications, back-office applications, and more

and much more