Correlation Engine

The DataMiner® Correlation Engine is a powerful tool that automatically analyzes and processes the alarm information in a DataMiner System, based on a user-defined knowledge base. With this tool, the time-to-decision is drastically reduced, and you can rest assured that critical, complex system events are infallibly detected and reported.

DataMiner correlation engine reduces the time-to-repair

To further increase the efficiency of end-to-end network management operations, DataMiner offers a professional alarm and system correlation solution, referred to as the DMS Correlation Engine. This fully integrated module is a valuable asset for operators who wish to reduce the time-to-repair by means of automated root cause analysis, and who wish to move towards a proactive operation.

based on a user-defined knowledge base

DMS Correlation Engine is capable of automatically processing and analyzing raw alarm information, in real time as events occur. It is based on a user-defined knowledge base, which can be edited at runtime, and enables operators to tune its behavior to the specifics of their own operational environment.

DMS Correlation Engine identifies the most complex system behaviors, based on real-time, trend and alarm data fed by the DataMiner System, and acts upon those with specific algorithms. The solution includes powerful rules-based correlation, relationship-based root cause analysis and multi-dimensional data aggregation.

Key Facts

professional alarm and system correlation

fully integrated module

process and analyze raw alarm information

in real time as events occur

powerful rules-based correlation

relationship-based root cause analysis

multi-dimensional data aggregation

Your Benefits

instantly pinpoint the source of problems

reduce the time-to-repair

eliminate excess information to streamline operations

move towards a proactive operation

fine-tune the engine to your operational environment

automatically implement solutions where possible

Intelligent root cause analysis instantly pinpoints the source of problems