DataMiner building blocks - Visualization: Use Cases

Visual representation is a very important aspect in any operation. Our expert illustrates how DataMiner’s extensive visual capabilities already helped many operators to achieve operational excellence through several use cases, and shows how DataMiner could do the same for you.


This webinar is currently planned on the following dates, but additional dates may follow soon:

APRIL 18, 2019
9 AM - CET
3 AM - EDT | 4 PM - SGT
APRIL 18, 2019
4 PM - CET
10 AM - EDT | 11 PM - SGT

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Roger Bijos, Sales Director for the Americas, has more than 25 years of network monitoring experience. With over 10 years at Skyline and having experienced multiple perspectives of the business, he has a lot of lessons learned to share. 

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Different departments have different requirements on all layers to interact with the dataset. DataMiner provides you with tremendous flexibility to achieve the right way for everyone in your organization.